If you have learnt about reflexive verbs in Spanish you’ll know that they usually direct the action back to the subject, e.g. lavar = to wash, lavarse = to wash oneself.

However, there are a few special cases where the verb can take a completely different meaning in the reflexive form. We have prepared a short list with some of the most used verbs where the reflexive form takes a different meaning.

  1. Creer: To believe

    Creerse: To be arrogant, think to have more qualities than others without being true

    (creer conjugations)

  2. Quedar: To agree / To suit (clothes) / To place something somewhere

    Quedarse: To wait in the same place / To be shocked

    (quedar conjugations)

  3. Llamar: To talk with somebody

    Llamarse: The name of the person or place

    (llamar conjugations)

  4. Aprovechar: To use an opportunity
    Aprovecharse: To abuse of someone or something(aprovechar conjugations)
  5. Negar: To deny
    Negarse: To reject to do something / To refuse to help(negar conjugations)