15 Expressions with the Spanish verb DAR

‘Dar’ is one of the most common verbs in the Spanish language. It can be translated in English as ‘to give’ in its most literal meaning. However, ‘dar’ can be followed by different nouns and expressions to create different idioms and meanings. In the following list, we show 15 of the most popular expressions with ‘dar’. See how to conjugate dar here.

  1. Dar la lata: to annoy someone (lit. to give a can)

The kid didn’t stop annoying his brother

El niño no dejó de dar la lata a su hermano

  1. Dar la espalda: to reject / to refuse to help (lit. to give the back)

When he needed them most, they refused to help him

Cuando más los necesitaba, le dieron la espalda

  1. Dar las gracias: to thank (lit. to give thanks)

Mary will thank Emma for the present by sending her a card

Mary le dará las gracias a Emma por el regalo enviándole una tarjeta

  1. Dar asco: to disgust (lit. to give repugnance)

I am disgusted by the petrol´s smell

Me da asco el olor a gasolina

  1. Dar en el blanco: to hit the mark (lit. to hit in the white spot)

Grandad hit the mark in predicting the football results

El abuelo dio en el blanco con los resultados del fútbol

  1. Darse cuenta: to realize (lit. to give a notice)

Alex never realizes when her phone rings inside her bag

Alex nunca se da cuenta cuando le suena el teléfono dentro del bolso

  1. Dar por sentado: to take for granted (lit. to give as seated)

The new sales manager took for granted that the company would give him a car

El nuevo jefe de ventas dio por sentado que la empresa le daría un coche

  1. Dar vueltas: to overthink (lit.to give turns)

You are always overthinking everything I say!

Tú siempre le das vueltas a todo lo que digo

  1. Dar al traste: to spoil / to ruin (lit. to give to waste)

The plumber ruined the painting work in the kitchen

El fontanerio dio al traste todo el trabajo de pintura que hicimos en la cocina

  1. Dar a luz: to give birth to (lit.to give light)

My cousin gave birth to twins

Mi prima dio a luz a una pareja de gemelos

  1. Dar la cara: to face (up to a problem) / (lit. to give the face)

She hates when her husband doesn’t face up to what he does wrong

Ella odia cuando su marido no da la cara cuando hace algo mal

  1. Dar largas: to pospone / to prolong / (lit. to give long)

Charlie asked his mum about the summer trip but she is posponing the decision

Charlie le preguntó a su madre acerca del viaje de verano pero ella le está dando largas

  1. Dar calabazas: to jilt / to give the brush off (lit. to give pumpkins)

Karen gives the brush off to John

Karen le dio calabazas a John

  1. Dar guerra: to create trouble (lit. to give war)

The baby is creating a lot of trouble, he cries the whole night

El bebé está dando mucha guerra, llora toda la noche

  1. Dar gato por liebre: to trick  (lit. to give cat for hare)

I tried to buy a second hand car but the sales person tried to trick me with the price

Intenté comprar un coche de segunda mano pero el vendedor intentó darme gato por liebre con el precio